SUN, APR 9, 17
Small fish (A)

Un rayon de soleil matinal / sur la tête / des sardines. We were eating shirasu last week. The market is full of shirasu. It's the season. We ate them on soft tofu and on rice with salt and lemon. After that, we ate shishamo with ume mayonnaise. There are sardines in the market now, iwashi. They take more work than the shishamo, which can be grilled with head on and guts in. They're beautiful sardines. Their sides are gleaming blue. I enjoy the work of cutting them down, rinsing them under cold water. I grilled the iwashi and ate them with a salad of fava beans and asparagus. I cooked the iwashi in a glaze of soy and brown sugar and ate them on rice. I bent over the bowl and breathed in the scent of sugars and fish and hot white rice. It's raining. We can't open the windows. The kitchen smells like the fish guts in the plastic bag hanging under the sink.